Thalia Al Ghul is a character in Batman series. She was once the mother of Damian Wayne, but her son was taken by the Black Knight (Jennifer Hale) and her men. Now burning with vengefulness and motivated with the possibility of finding her son Damian Wayne, she allied with her father, Ra's Al Ghul (Peter Woodward), who planned to take Appleloosa, and followed him into Canterlot. There, she killed two snobbish unicorn couples named Jet Set (Peter New) and his wife Upper Crust (Ashleigh Ball), but was defeated by the Mane Six and forced to retreat to the Ever Free Forest. During the escape, Ra's Al Ghul tries to delay the troops and let her reach Crystal Empire, but the Black Knight stopped her attempt of killing Brother Sebastian Blood (John DiMaggio). After being tortured by the Black Knight like a helpless lamb, she revealed Ra's Al Ghul villainous plans, and then is killed in cold blood by her without remorse. In her final breaths, she lamented not being at the side of her long-lost son Damian. She is voiced by Andrea Bowen.

Character relationshipsEdit

  • Mother of Damian Wayne.
  • Daughter of Ra's Al Ghul.
  • Ex-lover of Batman (Diedrich Bader).
  • Was murdered and killed by the Black Knight.